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September 24, 2020

Adobe Lightroom

One night per week for 5 weeks from 6-8pm

October 13, 2020

Basic Digital Photography

One night per week for 3 weeks from 6-8pm

October 14, 2020

Shooting and Developing B&W Film

One night per week for 3 weeks from 6-8pm

November 04, 2020

Darkroom Printing

One night per week for 3 weeks from 6-8pm

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Started in 1990, Apertures School of Photography has evolved from film photography and Polaroid transfers to encompass the modern technology of digital photography.  Our instructors are specialists in their area - we do not believe in a 'jack of all trades, master of none' when it comes to our instruction.  We hope that our passion for teaching photography fuels your photographic education.

Take your photography to the next level at Apertures School of Photography!



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Q: Are your classes all lecture?
A: No!  All of our classes are as hands-on as possible because most people learn best by doing.
Q: Do I need my own camera to take a class?
A: We highly encourage you to use your own camera in class since different makes and models of cameras are different.  You will truly be learning your camera.  However if you are borrowing one, that is just fine.
Q: Why are your classes multiple days instead of just one?
A: Photography is, generally speaking, a lot harder to learn than most people expect.  We find that through practice assignments students can better refine their skills and better take advantage of our instructors' knowledge - something that cannot be achieved in one sitting.
Q: What kind of payment options do you offer?
A: You can pay for your class either online with PayPal or a credit card, over the phone with a credit card, or you can pay in-store.  If you are paying in-store the night your class starts, we ask that you show up 5 minutes early so we can take care of your payment and registration information.
Q: Do you offer private lessons?
A: We sure do!  Click HERE for more information and pricing.
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