Film & Darkroom

B&W Photography and Printing

Learn to shoot, develop, and print your black and white film.  Topics covered include film types, filters, exposure, chemistry, and darkroom equipment.  Hands-on film developing, use of different enlargers, printing instruction and mounting instruction is aimed at creating darkroom proficiency.

One night per week for 6 weeks / $165

If you would like information about renting our darkroom space, click HERE.

Introduction to Large Format

Finally!  A class dedicated to shooting large format film.  Long time large format shooter, and general film guru, Jeff Park will be teaching: film loading, exposure compensation for bellow extension, filters - use and compensation, movements and perspective correction, controlling depth of field, and lens focal lengths.  Dust off that lens board and polish your ground glass because this is sure to be a great class!

Required: Large format camera, dark cloth, focus loupe, light meter, tripod and film holders.

One night per week for 4 weeks / $135

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