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Shooting and developing B&W Film



Learn to shoot and develop your black and white film. Topics covered include film types, filters, exposure, chemistry, equipment, and darkroom use. Learn from us and then develop your film at home or in our rental darkroom!

Required: Students will shoot their own film. We will provide the chemistry and equipment.

One night per week for 3 weeks / $65

Darkroom Printing



You've got negatives, what now? Learn to print them of course! There's nothing like the magic of darkroom printing so join us in this short course devoted to printing your negatives. Learn how to use an enlarger to create a unique, tactile print.

Required: Students will provide their own paper for the second and third nights of class. We will provide the chemistry and equipment.

One night per week for 3 weeks / $100

Digital Photography I



This class is for individuals with a DLSR (interchangeable lens) or mirrorless (interchangeable lens) camera who are looking to develop their photographic skills.  Topics covered are the modes and dials of the camera, manual metering, proper exposure, white balance, depth of field, lens selection, composition, and portraiture.  Hands-on instruction is aimed at teaching you to take creative control of your images.

One night per week for 5 weeks / $155

The art of Seeing



Are you wanting to strengthen your composition skills?  This three week class will help you "see" more artistically through exploring the elements of art and principles of design.  Elevate your images to a higher level through the creation of "subjectless" images.

One afternoon per week for 3 weeks / $85

Basic Digital Photography



Learn the basics of digital photography with your camera. This hands-on class covers tips and techniques to help you improve your picture taking skills through step-by-step instruction. This class can be taken with any digital camera.

One night per week for 3 weeks / $85

Digital Photography II



This class is a continuation of Digital Photography I with more advanced concepts and assignments.  Topics covered include custom white balance, introduction to macro, using speedlights (external flash), and studio lighting for portraits and product.  Copyright and photographer's rights are also covered.  Pre-req:  Digital Photography I or instructor permission.

One night per week for 6 weeks / $165

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